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Your pet person!
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About Me


Hello!! I'm Olivia. Thank you for checking out my website peachy pups! you can also find me on Facebook and Instagram. here is some quick info about me: I  work a full time job during the night but in my free time during the day I am a part-time pet sitter.  I've been taking care of dogs, cats, puppies, small creatures, and some aquatic life for about 15 years. Family members have always relied and trusted me to care for their pets and I have always enjoyed doing it! I am a big animal lover and have had a huge amount of experience in handling pets and attending to every aspect of their care!!

 I have five dogs who are big love bugs who like to go for walks and play around in the sun and nap all day. One cat who likes to explore the house and watch the world from the window sills and a tortoise who loves the sun and his veggies. I hope this website has helped your search in finding someone to care for your pet whether that be a  sitter or walker, or maybe somebody to just check in with your pets. either way, I'm here to help! and I can't wait to get started meeting up with you and your pets!!

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 My Services

Information on prices and what my services include.


 please also be sure to text me ahead of time if your pet or pooch has any medical/physical limitations, aggressive behavior, or special diets.

Please schedule for Meet ups anytime after 2:00pm!

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Overnight Pet Sitting

Prices for Overnight pet sitting are

$25 per pet a day.

I service overnights in my own home but only if you are located in the Lago Mar area. Pet sitting allows your pet to get the fullest amount of love and  attention they need while you are away!! I will ensure your pet is fed, watered, groomed with our signature peach dog wash, given lots of attention and love, and a free bandana at the end of the visit. Peachy pups strives to give your pet the best experience and care that they deserve!


Grooming is optional & includes: washing, drying, brushing, deodorizing, and nails.

Grooming is $30 per pet & $15 for nails

Image by Vitor Fontes

Dog Walking

Prices for walks are  $16 for every 30 mins & $10 for additional pets


Enjoy  the pleasure of my dog walking sessions that allow your pet to stretch their legs and get their energy out by enjoying a nice walk in the neighborhood or park and soaking up some sunshine and fresh air. After walking with me your dog will come back a definite peachy pup!!


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Drop-in visits

Prices for drop-in visits are $20/visit and $10 for additional pets


Drop-in visits ensure that your pets are well fed and taken care of.  they will get fed and watered each visit, given potty breaks, and some playtime outside, I will ensure your pet is as comfortable as possible while you are away!!


Your dogs will be begging for more after tasting these treats! each of our dog treats are baked and made with love and lots of care by my mother and myself, each batch is made with all Organic ingredients and  before sending out to your pets we ensure to taste test and approve each treat first with our own fur babies!! 

You can choose from the individual recipes advertised below or ask for an assortment of treats if you're not sure which ones your pets would like.


To make an order just text 281-881-9228 with your Name, House Address, Date and Time. Please make sure to specify ahead of time if you would like them delivered or if you would like to pick them up! ($10 for a bag of six) 

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